Sunday, January 31, 2016

Carra Roots - Weekly Blog Post 3

Christopher Payne

Christopher Payne is a photographer that was taught first of architecture. He uses a large format camera, and his subjects are rather large as well. From his background, he has done many series on designs and how things are built. I would compare his work like this, some people take a picture of the light bulb, but he cracks it open. His view takes you deeper.

In this series in particular, he looks at the insides of factories and the effort to make things perfect. The two main elements you will see used in this series are symmetry and color. He shows you the intricate designs of the machines and also the attention that has to be given to produce the product. In some of his pictures you will find portraits of the workers. They show either how articulate they have to be with their work or just a little sweat on their forehead to show the conditions.

I really like how he approached the project. He took us into a space in which few people go, and did that in such an artistic way. The play of color keeps the eye entertained. I also liked how he used the shutter speed to capture the movement of different things. 

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