Sunday, January 31, 2016

Meghan Thayer weekly post 3

1) One technical choice the artist makes is with color. I found these photographs in a collection of his called "way far". Within this particular body of work, all the photographs are extremely vibrant with color. Along with color as a main theme in his work, nudity is also a very present reoccurring theme. 

2) I believe that McGinley's intent with his work is to express the human body in a very natural and beautiful way. Each of his models are fully in the nude, and they all express very real emotion. For instance, in the last picture I chose, the female model in this image has so much emotion in her face and it comes off as feeling very free or carefree.  To help build the emotion he was able to capture a very warm and soft light that reflects on her face so beautifully. The color helps to bring out an emotion. 

3) Personally, I really enjoy all of McGinley's work. I am most attracted to the vibrance in color he captures. It really leads my eye to see the whole image rather than just one specific part. His work was a mixture of every type of photography I love. 

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