Sunday, January 31, 2016

Nini Norris Weekly Post 3

Robert Walker

1.) Robert Walker chooses to shoot the photograph's in his series " The Fifth Continent" on dreary, stormy, or overcast days. His color palette is neutral, further emphasizing the overall dreary and empty tone of the photographs. All of his photographs are of seemingly lifeless and empty landscapes

2.)Walker's intent is to capture an essence of the landscape of Dungeness in South East England--England's only desert. Walker wrote "I am struck by the emptiness, the exhaustion, the excess of weather and although a small number of people live and work on the Ness, I chose not to notice them. The area feels out of synch, self-contained and beyond conventions, all of which I find surprisingly liberating".

3.) Because Walker chooses not to photograph the people and instead focus on the landscape of this strange place, the overall tone is one of a desolate, and somewhat, meditative space. It is an interesting place to focus on, being that it is a non-traditional desert. The silence portrayed in the pictures is deafening. Walker does a wonderful job of showing the soul of this place.

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