Sunday, January 31, 2016

Diana Macaraeg - Weekly Post 3

Olya Ivanova

  1. Olya Inanova's technical choices were to create high contrast with her portraitures. Her portraits fall compositionally on the rule of thirds. She had formally shot with a Canon EOS 300, but now shoots with a medium format camera. 
  2. Olya Inanova's portraits were centered around subjects with unique or quirky styles. Her use of color create a strong lush array of vibrancy. She even includes different textures in comparison to her subjects and surroundings.
  3. I feel that I've grasped a better visual on colors while exploring Olya's work. My main works are portraitures, and Olya's work is helping me understand my surroundings better. Her subjects seem to have a relationship with Olya, that having a connection or relationship has given them a sense of vulnerability to be translated within her photos.

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  1. I really appreciate her use of color in the photographs. They give them a nice overall balance.