Monday, November 21, 2016

Calah Jones Artist Post 15

1.  Lauren Greenfield uses a 35 mm camera creating modestly sized prints that deeply examine young women. Majority of Greenfield’s prints are 11 x 14” and 16 x 20”, quaint by contemporary standards.

2.  Greenfield created three monographs all dealing with youth culture, Fast Forward, Girl Culture, and Thin.  She captured pictures of youth, following patients with a film camera in rehabilitation centers, captured images of children in Los Angeles and their values and how the materialistic world influenced them, and girls struggling with their inner lives, emotional development, and the world with it’s popular culture.  Her photos are vibrant and look as though she’s used a flash to bring out the moment with a strong light source.

3.  I really like Lauren Greenfield’s work because her photos have a story behind them. And not just any story, they all have something tied together or something in common.  I like the Girl Culture photos because they are very different. They capture girls in different environments rather than the stereotypical poses and pretty girl look.  They are all regular girls, not super tall, blonde models.  They look like average teens living in the time of pop culture.  You can really see the abnormality in that of which what we normally see in magazines and on television about girls.  Greenfield shows us the real.

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