Monday, November 21, 2016

Daniel Brehun - Artist Post #15

Boguslaw Strempel

   Boguslaw Strempel's wok is simply magnificent, stunning, and just simply outright gorgeous. The way he is able to capture the range of distance within the photos that he takes is just magnificent. The amount of light and darkness that he gives to his audience is very define and clear. You can see all the highlights and contrasts within the mountains and hilltops in the second photo. Seeing from the photos above you can see the time and effort he takes to place himself in a position that is just perfect for the scenery. 

   I think that Strempel wants to make his viewers aware of how much value you can get from placing yourself at the right moment in the time of day can do. I believe he is trying to give his audience the feeling of relief that their is beauty everywhere that you go, so long that you take the time to seek it out.

  He has a very high depth of field and low ISO based on two of bottom photos here because of how clear the objects in the background and the picture itself has no noise. He has a good variety of items in his photos to show that his composition wouldn't be filled with too much or too little items in it.
The first photo may have been a higher ISO based upon the time of day

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