Monday, November 28, 2016

Callie Ward Artist Post 16

                                                Annie Leibovitz

1. Anne Leibovitz enjoys creating pictures of magical scenes like the first picture at the top. Not only does she enjoy making pictures of mysterious/magical scenes but also in the moment like the second and third picture above listed. She's known as being a photographer for the Rolling Stones Magazine. 
2. "Liebovitz chose to feature mostly clothed women from a variety of backgrounds and ages in contrast to the images of scantily clad models from previous calendars". Her projects have a deeper meaning behind them but she tries to capture in the moments. 
3. Her first picture reminds me of cinderella because of the big blue dress, her running down the stairs and the gloomy sky. The second picture may look somewhat sad but to me the little girl looks pretty by the way the light is captured in her face and eyes. Im not sure what mood Anne is trying to give by the light in her face but dark lighting in the background. The last picture shows a woman either putting makeup on her face or a face mask. It gives people what women tend to go through on a daily bases. 

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