Monday, November 21, 2016

Meaghan Mozingo - Artsist post # 12

Jacqueline Zilberberg

1) Jacqueline Zilberberg is an artistic photographer with a concentration on portrait. Zilberberg's photos are clean and bright. Zilberberg states "For me, the photographic image, is a subjective reality revealed by the inner eye of the individual. With portraits I intent to penetrate into this reality and unveil what remained silent and try to expose the unobvious." Her work consists of closeups which represent importance. She uses cool colors to show social sphere and warm colors to represent individual self. 

2) In the collection titled No longer here but still not there, Zilberberg highlights the physical, emotional, and hormonal changes a young adolescent goes through.  Zilberberg strives to create tension and captures the innocence, guilt, seduction, and pleasure of her subjects. 

3) in the first photo, Zilberberg possibly uses a slow shutter speed to blur the movement of the water. This adds a nice layer over the photo. Zilberberg captured pleasure and tension which is revealed through the subjects face. In all of Zilberberg's portraits she purposely includes only portions of the body. 
      The second photo, her camera is focused on the eyes. nose and mouth, while the rest is out of focus. The subjects features are soft giving the feel of innocence. The blue background along with the subtle pink lips and dark brown hair work harmoniously together. in this photo, The subjects eyes are slightly squinted and lips are tight giving the sense of subtle tension. 
        The third photo, has some beautiful colors. The reds and yellow work well with the blue jeans and the brown in the shirt is subtle and goes with the color of the seat. I think that the framing choice is interesting only revealing portions of the leg, one arm and both hands. The placement of her hands adds a sense of sexual tease. 
         The fourth photo shows the the awkwardness of being an adolescent. The subjects head is slightly down and shoulders are rounded forward giving the sense of sheltering or being uncomfortable in your skin. The red hair and pale skin are nice compliments to the rocks in the background. the unevenness and sharp edges of the rocks mimic the structure of the subjects shoulder blades and spine. The freckles add a similar texture as the rocks. Because of the similarities, I believe that the background is a great choice for this subject. 

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