Sunday, November 20, 2016

Feven Asghedom - Artist Post #15

Lance Keimig 

Lance Keimig has been fascinated with being able to create images that capture moments different than how we view it from our own eyes. Keimig began shooting 30 years ago on his girlfiends Canon AE1 camera. He has taught more than 100 classes focusing on night and light photography. Keimig is currently a curator at Harvard's Three Columns Gallery and has also written two books and completed twenty international tours. He uses an Ebony SW23 view camera handmade in Japan as well as Canon digital camera and printers. Most of his images are black and white and landscape shots. He seems to underexpose and over saturate most of his images. 

The three pictures above are from his Scotland series. Each photograph has a mystical feel. His focus on light and what he chooses to frame seem extremely balanced but not centered. His unexposure creates a great contrast in the third photo. The pictures i choose have so much depth and movement. 

My favorite of the three is the last one. The rocks look so hard and sturdy and the water looks so soft and flowing. I am not a huge fan of black and white photography but i really do apprecite Keimig's work. The all have a painterly quality I appreciate with out seeming over worked in photoshop. I will try an appropriate some of his images to see if I am able to capture light and night shots nearly as well. 

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