Saturday, November 12, 2016

Olga Morozova, Artist Post # 14

Tatiana Gulenkina

1) Tatiana Gulenkina is a Russian-born photographer and visual artist based in Washington, DC. In her works she employs both digital technology and traditional darkroom equipment. She also uses video and mixed media. Tatiana graduated from The Maryland Institute College of ART in2011. Since then her works was displayed in several popular magazines as well as exhibited nationally and internationally.

2) The artist’s famous work of 2015 is called “Six Hours”. It is a series of multiple and long exposure photographs of slowly melting bodies of ice. This series has a philosophical meaning: The melting of ice, the way it changes represents the shift in our own bodies that we often don’t perceive. Tatiana says she was inspired by historic Japanese art painting called “Mountains and Water”. She liked the simplicity and the perspective of it. She thinks that her goal as an artist while taking those ice photographs her was to observe and understand the subject.

3) What I like about this artist pictures is that the colors are so bright and vibrant. Also the structure of the ice itself, all those little imperfections like cracks and bubbles inside of the ice make me compel to look at it. It is an attractive to the eye abstraction and good usage of natural light.

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