Sunday, November 20, 2016

Jennifer Livingston – Post 14

Andrew Sanderson 

1) Andrew Sanderson photos a wide range of subjects. He specifically doesn’t do projects because he finds it very limiting. He also doesn’t consider himself an artist, but finds that he shares many qualities of those who consider themselves artists. Most of his work is done in the darkroom. Interestingly, he used to make his own cameras out of cardboard and wood.

2) Each of the photos above are all in black and white. He is basically inspired by what he sees at the moment. The first two are portraits. One with the kids head looking out the window as the two trains pass each other, and the second of a young lady. Both of the subjects have their own space in the images. The third is of a landscape with some stepping rocks. Mist is in the background. Lastly, is a series of flower bottles hanging in front of a window.

3) Sanderson’s work is an accumulation of over thirty-five years of photography. He has written three books, one on Night Photography, and another on Home Photography. He has an eye for lighting and form, which is evident in his photos.

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