Sunday, November 6, 2016

Olga Morozova, Artist Post # 13

Terry Wiefenbach

1) Terry Wiefenbach is an adjunct professor of Film and Media Arts. She is a fine art photographer and teacher based in Washington, DC. Wiefenbach uses her old-fashioned Leica to capture magnificent pictures of nature. She doesn’t try to keep her subject in focus, often there is actually no particular subject. She often uses soft focus which seems to be random and probably wide aperture on the occasion.

2) The artist has published nine books of photography and exhibited widely in Japan, Germany, the Netherlands, and the United States. Her last exhibition held for the first time in seven years was in Washington, D.C., presenting her beautiful work called “Woods”. The series of photograph for this exhibition was taken within the woods of the DC metro are. 

3) I really like this perspective on the nature. Sometimes we cannot even see the subject on the photograph yet we still have this beautiful image of the forest or nature in general. At first glance it seems easy to take this kind of picture when you often blurry your foreground and leave the background visible, making a blurry frame around the subject for instance, but in fact it is not. I tried to imitate this kind of style and I really enjoyed doing it. I think it is a good way to experiment with different photography techniques, by imitating someone's work. The best comment that I got on my pictures was "I look at these pictures and even though I'm indoors it feels like I am outdoors". Hopefully I was able to capture that foresty feeling like the artist Terry Wiefenbach did in her magic pictures.  

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