Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Daniel Brehun - Artist Blog 13

Juno Calypso

   Juno Calypso had a very interesting way of getting into photography. In the beginning of her picture taking days she would take photos of herself which led to a series of self-portraits. Calypso would even rent out hotels and take photos of herself staged there as well. It was a way for Calypso to express herself through images.

   I personally love the images Calypso is able to create. Each photo is just so unique in its own way that it feels like a story is just being told. It has you questioning what is the real direct motive for the photo and has you guessing. Its open for so much interpretation that unless Calypso herself tells us the meaning, it will always be a mystery. 

   I feel she tries to give a base in her photos so that people can have somewhat of an understanding of what Calypso was trying to convey. In some photos you can get a sense of emotion from the characters within the photos and some others it's as if there is no emotion at all. 

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