Sunday, November 13, 2016

Jessica Manno - Artist Post 14

Ignas Maldziunas

1. Ignas Maldziunas is a Lithuanian photographer who used photography as a means of healing after suffering from an accident that gave him painful, frequent headaches. Maldizinuas captures scenes in his travels during the night, and in places and spaces where others have abandoned. Most of Maldizinuas' photos are taken in his home town of Lithuania and the United States, with his most recent photographic collection showing strong neon lights with long exposures in the night. However, some of his other photographs are also taken in black and white. Maldizinuas began taking photographs with an analog camera, eventually mastering digital, but likes to frequent going back to his original camera.

2. Maldizinuas has stated he likes the loneliness of the abandoned, quiet, scenes he finds himself wandering in because they calms down his headaches. Maldizinuas' photos show that even in the darkest hours of the world, there can still be an exciting pop of color to capture your attention while simultaneously giving you a feeling of calmness; the same kind he may tend to feel. 

3. Maldizinuas' way of showing neon colors in the foreground of a dark scene was aesthetically pleasing to my eye. When finding out his story, his photos seem to bring more to the table in meaning. I also browsed through his photographic collections in his website, and gravitate more towards his recent photos of color rather than his black and white ones. Overall, he's a photographer I'd like to gain inspiration from.

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