Sunday, November 13, 2016

Taylor Quinley Artist Post #14

Adrian Mueller

The photographer for this project is Adrian Mueller. Adrian is a New York based photographer. He teamed up with Takako Kuniyuki to capture these images of the reactions of cooking. Muller typically very busy, doesn’t normally stop to notice the incredible detail in such small things. When he took the time to stop and look, he noticed various patterns, colors, and shapes. There were pictures taken of the top of frying pans and skillets, to the beads and blisters of household items. These images were captured using light that was provided by a strobe. The detail in these photos is incredible. There is no noise therefore the ISO must have been as low as 100. I imagine that the shutter speed to capture bubbles before they pop has to be pretty fast. Also their depth of field is fairly shallow. I had no idea that bubbles were so detailed and interesting.  

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