Monday, November 28, 2016

Meaghan Mozingo - Artist post #13

Sudi Jp

1) Sudi Jp is a photographer form Japan. She started photography about 10 years ago, and within in two months she started winning awards for her photos. Her photos can be found in photography magazines along with companies and private homes.
2) Sudi Jp predominately works with light and shadow. Her photos are primarily dark and under exposed with some being black and white. I think she uses her space very well. Many of her photos contain a lot of black space with spills of light.
3) In the first photo Sudi Jp uses distance and a small aperture creating a deep depth of field. she underexposes creating  little to no detail in the shadows allowing the light to be a focus. The figure in the window is well framed, and the window shade is slightly elevated casting a little bit of white light. a nice addition to the yellow light.
  The 2nd photo, is underexposed which allows the shadows to stand out. The bottom of the photo is black which provides a nice platform for the stairs and railing. There are a few different layers to this photo. The viewer sees hints of a shadow from a tree along with cracks from the building and the prominent shadows from the railing. I think it is framed nicely allowing some nice lines and shapes. the white figure in the center adds a nice touch to the photo.
   The third photo, is in black and white. This is a great example how Sudi Jp crops her subjects so the shadows are the main focus. The light fills the center beautifully picking up some of the texture of the street. the shadows of the subjects offer some nice shapes. The right and left sides are well balanced and both have interesting shapes and lines. The grate in the center is perfectly framed. It has its own space and fills the center and compliments the sides nicely.

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