Monday, November 14, 2016

Jennifer Livingston - Artists Post 13

Jayanti Seiler 

1) One of Jayanti Seiler’s projects was based on human-animal interaction. It was titled Of One and The Other. It shows the relationship that these people have with these animals and also a glimpse into the amount of work that these people put into protecting these animals.

2) Even though most of her subjects are in the middle of the image, they’re placed in such a way at to make the subject interesting. The lady with the dog lying on its back is nicely framed in between the red drape, and splash of green on the left side. The green color is also repeated in the lamp, which helps to frame up the subjects. Also what appears to be dust gives it more visual interest in what would have ordinarily been a void.

As for the lady with too many cats, it is visually balanced. All of the cats on the bench are framed up nicely with the lady. They almost recreate the shape of her outstretched arms. Then there’s the cat on the far left of the picture which helps to balance out the many cats resting on the right side. It’s almost as if Seiler asked the lady if she could look to her right instead of at the camera.

The last image of the guy with his owl shows the busy lifestyle that he maintains. All of the pops of green really help to complement the red in his shirt. Even the way his arm is placed with the shape of the owl creates a circle-like shape.

3) 1)   All three of the images show the human animal interaction that these people have with their animals; a lifestyle most people would not take on.  Seiler shows the hard work that these people put into animal rescue and some of the inherent dangers that some of the people might face.

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