Sunday, November 13, 2016

Cory Hogan - Artist Post #11

Ignas Maldziunas

1.) Ignas Maldziunas typically chooses to frame the photos he makes in a 1x1 ratio. He typically aims to make pictures of quiet and lonely scenes. The pictures are usually framed similarly with a main building or subject in the center.

2.) Maldziunas was a graphic designer until he was in a serious car accident which caused intense headaches. He then discovered that photography was one of the few things that could alleviate his pain. Maldziunas stated that he prefers making pictures from dusk to dawn where the lighting is typically darker. In his pieces he aims to portray a sense of loneliness because he finds it calming.

3.) I really enjoy the simplicity of his compositions. Maldziunas also does a wonderful job at managing to create interesting pictures that still seem oddly quiet and lonely. This is possibly due to a lot of the buildings and other subjects being somewhat run down and abandoned. On top of the compositions being wonderful I also enjoy the colors in them. They each have interesting tones and gradients through out them.

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