Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Taylor Quinley Artist Post 16

Seth Casteel 

The photographer for this project is Seth Casteel. Castle is a photographer from California. He used “Underwater Dogs” and “Underwater Puppies” for his inspiration. He took kittens who were either without homes or recently adopted for this project. Even though these photos are extremely cute there was a message behind all of it. There are between 30 and 40 million stray cats in the USA. about 1.4 million of them are euthanized in shelters. This project started when he decided to photograph a litter of kittens for a shelter, and within an hour every kitten was adopted. He found that this was more difficult for him than photographing dogs. Dogs are easier to please, he spend many hours trying to get the cats to come out from hiding. Based on the photos it seems as though his shutter speed was extremely fast due to the lack of motion blur. Also for most of them, the background is blurred due to the short depth of field. A lot of these images seem extremely saturated though. That is the only thing I dislike about a few of these. Overall I really enjoy these pictures and this they are adorable and fun.

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