Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Kimberly Richardson Post 13

Deb Young and Francisco Diaz

1.      Young and Diaz present their work as a partnership. Working together not only in person but also thousands of miles apart. They use digital technology to take photos. While one person may be on the scene where they have selected to capture their works the other maybe through the camera screen snapping desired images from thousands of miles. Combining images from one scene and another to create the desired work. Heavily using Photoshop and digital editing to craft their images.

2.      Young and Diaz’s intentions is to create the unseen, mysterious, and imagined. Combining several images together and recreating another image that presents a completely new idea. Taking no props, no scenes set up, or anything displayed. They randomly photograph images and create new mystical words. Fooling the minds of viewers, bring the world of fairy tales and paranormal to life. Bring a new style and idea to the world of photography. Capturing images in real life and bring them together to make a fantasy real.

3.      Their work is random and mystical feeling that gives reality a new thought to what the world is. I can appreciate their use of creativity, using fairy tales, ghost, and the fanatics of books and bring them to life in the world of photography.   

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