Monday, November 21, 2016

Julius Ayo Blog #15

Amanda Friedman

1. The photos above are part of Amanda Friedman's Night Landscapes project. Apart from looking gorgeous, these photos are perfectly exposed given that they were taken at night. They are all a mixture of portrait and landscape formats. Friedman obviously used a tripod for the long exposures. If she was using a dslr, itt seems like she might have had her ISO really low for the great quality, with the small f-stops for the wide depth of fields.

2. There is a sense of mystery with these photos. They have these fantasy-eque feel to them with the different forms of life lit in complete darkness. There is also comfort in these photographs. It seems like Friedman was trying to find solace in the darkness. She was searching for the light. These photos give off this peaceful vibe to them, a sense of solace in the dark.

3. Personally, I really admire these photos. I love photos taken at night or in the dark not just because of the challenge factor, but also because I like darker photos. I am attracted to darker photos or photos with low exposures not because of the darkness, but the light that is consumed in the dark. Low exposed photos seem more heavy and worthy for me. With darker photos, the viewer has more control of what they see because there is less to see. The darkness also holds some mystery to them. The complete unknown that the viewer is not meant to see, but imagine.

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