Monday, November 28, 2016

Kerry Goodman Post #16

Mary Turner

1. Mary Turner is a photographer from the UK. She used to be a news anker that took enjoyment in taking pictures of the news stories she would cover. Eventually she decided to make photography her main medium for her stories and made them into her profession. She has many photographs that are in museums  and books because of how well she captures a story in her art.
2. Her style uses heavy amounts of light and subject positioning to tell a story. She aims to talk about social issues through her art like poverty, racial issues, cultural norms, and civil injustices. Her art is very well received among the art community. She has a great ability to make sure the symbolism of her photographs are shown.
3. Turner's art really is impressive. To manipulate so much in a picture frame and make it work is a great ability she has obtained. I find her artwork very appealing due to the curious stories she weaves through her art. You can even tell her new reporter experience shows trough her art, due to the high emotional tension she aims to achieve.

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