Monday, November 21, 2016

Taylor Quinley Artist Post #15

Elena Anosova

The photographer for Out-Of-The-Way, is Elena Anosova. In this particular project, Anosova focuses on textures. She says that the use of the unusual textures is what tells the story of this place. It is as though the time and space is frozen. This project is inspired by the Russian Far North. She had never traveled there but she has always intrigued by the cold wilderness. For this project humans are not imposing in their environment. She spent three months shooting for this project and gathering materials. She finds it best not to intervene with the surroundings in her pictures. For the first image I think that the ISO is fairly low for it being dark, the shutter speed is fairly slow to capture the blur of the snow falling, and her aperture is probably set as wide as it can go. For the second picture I think the ISO is also low due to the incredible detail, the Shutter speed is probably at least 1/60 or slower. For the last picture The ISO is low, the shutter speed is probably 1/60 or slower due to the fact that nothing is moving, and the aperture is not quite open all the way. I think this because it seems like it would be a lot brighter if the aperture was set all the way open.I really like the picture she has captured of the man with snow on his face. The detail in that picture is so intriguing and you can see the emotion in his face, even without him looking at the camera. Overall I think she takes beautiful pictures.

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