Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Julius Ayo

Catherine Panebianco

1. Catherine Panebianco made a project about her late dog called "Benny Was A Good Dog." These photos are from that project. It looks like they were all taken handheld. They are all black and white with vignettes around the corners. It looks like they could have been taken with film, but they also seem like photos taken with a camera phone with its sense of personal closeness.

2. This is about her dog Benny who passed away two and a half years ago. For most of the photos, the dog is not in the picture, but rather at a distance. There are photos that blurs out the image of the dog. It seems as though Catherine was already grieving or at least preparing herself for what was going to happen next. The photos capture grief and nostalgia very palpably. They capture the special moments any dog owners have had with their pets.

3. Although I have never had a dog, I have taken care of other people's dogs before. Even though it was just for a short amount of time, I formed with the dog I took care of for my friend. I can imagine what kind of loss it must be to have the dog you've taken care of for fourteen years, as what Catherine says, pass away. Dogs grow on you and their loss are something you could not replace.

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