Monday, November 28, 2016

Julius Ayo Artist Post 16

Elena Anosova

1. The photos above are from Elena Anosova's project titled "Out of the Way." I'm not sure if the photos were taken with film or digital. They are well-exposed and there is emphasis on color and and not so much on composition. It seems like there are specific subjects that Anosova was trying to capture in her photos. For composition, there is emphasis on motion and how the still subjects are centered either behind or in front of a moving environment.

2. I feel an atmosphere of isolation. These photos are very ambient and feel very confident in what they are trying to portray. Anosova is certain on what she wants to show in her photos. Although the theme is isolation, the focus became more about the environment rather than the subjects living in isolation. These photos show more about the living conditions and what it is like to live in these settings rather than focusing on the subjects themselves.

3. I was really attracted to these photos once I saw them. I like how there is emphasis on texture. It feels like I  can touch these photos. From the pink flower wallpaper, to the silky, transparent curtains, and the deep textures of falling snow, there is beauty in something that is almost tactile at least in the viewer's eyes. Although these photos were meticulously taken, the end products seem very natural and not forced which I really admire. 

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