Friday, November 18, 2016

Kimberly Richardson Post 15

Ellie Davies

1.       Davies travels across the world to create her images depending on her feelings and desire of intent for her work. Using a digital camera and Photoshop to edit her images to a scene that makes the viewer question between reality and fantasy. Highly editing her images in Photoshop to depict her desired intent. Using natural lighting at specific times of the day.

2.       Davies’ intention of her work is for the mind of the viewer to see the image in their own perspective, breaking the gap between what is reality and fantasy. Allowing the viewer to take away their own connection and relationship with the landscape and piece presented.

3.       Davies presents a wonderful display in her use of Photoshop and creative to allow the mind to explore and define against what is reality and fantasy. Using beautiful scenery and challenging the balances of the pictures to create a redefining piece.


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