Monday, November 14, 2016

Nikkia Logan Artist Post 14

Joydeep Muhkerjee

Kolkata sewer systems flood often and the people who reside there are stuck facing dirty sewer water to their waists. Joydeep Muhkerjee captures the every day living of his hometown while actually trying to live through the inconvenience as well. His images are focused on the town people and their everyday activities and the shutter speed must be high due to the cloudy effect in his pictures and motion of these individuals.

So I connect these images with a common burden on American life. Social media and some forms of technology consume our everyday lives. We work with it every day, we do not get work done to play with it. Sometimes it really can take control of our lives, like this water has done to the people. In the article, the issue is discussed about the sewer system and that the people of the town could really help themselves with their situation. The same goes for us, we whine and complain about not having enough time but it is mainly because we are so focused on the unimportant posts and images on social media that we can not concentrate. The young girl carrying the bottles can relate to an American holding all of their responsibilities while trying to still do what ever it is they are trying to do simultaneously.

Along with the explanation above, I will say Jopydeep's images of these people also can teach people to work with what they have and to be flexible. These people can not stop their lives and be upset because of the water to their waists. They have to still do their daily tasks and find ways to work around this major enemy. I appreciate him showing us what he has to endure with the fact that it is his home as well. The dedication of his photography is shown through these images. Joydeep captured regular moments of domestic life with an intensity of strife.

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