Sunday, November 20, 2016

Grant Layne - Artist Post 16

Elena Anosova

       In Anosova's project Out-of-the-way, she used borders and isolation to as a driving force for this project. She spent three months shooting this project in the Russian Far North, a place that is completely submissive to the elements of the winter cold. When creating pictures she uses aperture to her advantage to highlight the sense of isolation.  
       One of Anosova's major attempts for this project was to show texture in the pictures she made.  She not only uses texture in objects but also in landscapes and even people.  In essence, Anosova wanted to show the natives way of life in the Russian Far North.
       She was sucessful in her project Out-of-the-way.  As a viewer I can get a clear temporary feel of what it means to live in the Russian Far North. The Color, the need to stay warm, I can empathize with the natives way of life because of the way Anosova decided to compose her pictures.

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