Sunday, October 30, 2016

Calah Jones Artist Post 12

1.     Concert photographer Brad Moore uses a Nikon with 14-24mm with a fast fixed aperture of f/2.8.  He uses this ultra-wide-angle zoom lens to capture unique coverage at concerts.  This lens delivers sharpness, contrast, and color, even in backlit conditions. The camera is thick and tough and would be able to handle crowded events. 
2.     Moore prefers this camera because it allows him to show the whole stage in one image and capture the performer with lots of color and detail if he can get close enough.  His photos capture the energy in the audience, as well as the stage.  The photos are wide and open and capture stillness even in all the commotion.
3.     I enjoy looking at Moore’s photos because they make me feel like I am there at the concert and not like I am behind a lens.  His pictures, despite how dark the room may be, capture the light and shape in every performance.  He captures the energy onstage and also behind the scenes and also in the audience.  The perspective he takes his pictures also intrigues me because they aren’t always from the mosh pit, sometimes it’s behind the stage sometimes its above the performers and other times it’s from the performers perspective.

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