Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Julius Ayo Post 9

Martin Bollati

1. These photos were taken from Martin Bollati's "La Forma Bruta." The photos are extremely saturated. Even so to the point of that there never seems to be any color visible except for red, orange, black, or yellow. Most are taken in portrait format, but there some landscapes. The photos range from portraits of people to still photography of relics, to blurred out versions of previously taken photos.

2. The photos seem to symbolize a very primitive time of human life. Most photos are recognizable symbols such as eagles, a pair of hand holding a rock, skulls, and people in cultural clothing. Assuming from the title, the brutal form, Bollati is reflecting on the way people used to live.The photos are saturated to the point of almost unrecognizable if seen from afar or through quick passing. Yet is it the saturation that makes them stand out.

3. I believe the Bollati's photos are highlighting the importance cultural and historical preservation. The saturation of  these photos symbolizes their destruction and their beauty. At what point do we try to save, or at least acknowledge our history? Does it take destruction for us to take action and try to preserve them? I believe the photos are also highlighting our understanding of these historical symbols. What do we really know about them when they are in front of us?

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