Monday, October 31, 2016

Sarah Ipson Artist Post 12

1. Julie Blagmon is a photographer who takes an interest in highlighting flaws in every day life down to the place that hits the heart, right at home and with the children. Blagmon's intention of this series was to highlight children's joy in a flaw filled world and also to gain reactions of parents all the way around from the least concerning parent all the way to the most protective parents.

2. Julie's goal is to draw attention to the flaws and short comings of every day life. In every picture there are children playing from sun up to sundown just having a good old time, because they don't realize the flaws in every day life, but they have so much adventure and joy in them. In the third picture you'll see a parent nonchalantly reading a magazine whilst the children are outside just playing around. This may or may not have been a shot at neglectful parents or helicopter parents. The Homegrown series by Blagmon as a whole could look to swing one of two ways as neglect or to catch the reactions of over protective parents, but this is left unspecified.

3. The feeling I get from these photos is a feeling of relief, yet a sense of unease. I understand that children have a sense of adventure and at a young age so they should be outside as much as possible from sun up to sundown when they can be, but this is after they reach a certain age (maybe age 6) would be when they should be able to start walking around the neighborhoods and going to parks and things by themselves or with older siblings if they have older siblings. So it's a peaceful yet un-peaceful feeling in a sense.

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