Monday, October 17, 2016

Sarah Ipson Artist Post 10

1.  Rineke Dijkstra is a Dutch artist who both lives and works in Amsterdam. In this series of photographs Dijkstra spent a day at a beach in Belgium and took full on portrait shots of beach attendees. In a lot of the photos in this series it is just every day people. Although with being every day people they seem to standing on the beach in uncomfortable poses, because they don't seem to be sure of what to do with themselves. On the other hand, with the awkward poses, it seems to work for the pictures given the color of the backgrounds and the sun not being out so it gives the photographs a more solemn feeling.

2. Dijkstra's attempt was to draw attention to the every day and make it more beautiful in a way? Dijkstra sees the beauty in imperfections and feels that the imperfections can be perfect. She did this series between the U.S. and Europe over a span of ten years. Dijkstra also took the time to look at the cultural differences not just in the appearance of the people themselves, but even down to the clothing or swimsuits they wore, but even down to the body motions and poses they would make in front of the camera.

3. The feeling I get when looking at these photographs is a feeling of wonder and why. I wonder why every day people, why the awkward poses, why choose a day when there doesn't seem to be much natural light out. Although I have a handful of questions as to why, all of those questions seem to already have answers just by looking at the photographs and it is because all of the unconventional in one photograph seems to make the photograph work.   

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