Sunday, October 16, 2016

Grant Layne - Artist Post 10

In Erler’s Family Tree, life has been slowed to the slow pulse introspection in photographs infused with warm-toned shadows, and in that stillness, relatives and memories suffuse the empty space.  His pictures are made in low light, containing piercing light and blooming shadows. 
            One of Erler’s goals for family tree was to evoke the feeling of memory.  Family Tree retraces the steps back toward the latent charge of a fading past. All of his pictures have a nostalgic feel yet there are no triggers in the pictures that cause it. Erler pictures have an absent feel that unconsciously makes your mind wonder and he uses this to his advantage in his photos. 
I think Erler’s family tree was a cool concept.  I like how he manipulated the lighting and spacing in his pictures to make the viewer feel nostalgia. I also like the introspection aspect of family tree, it forces you to think about what’s going on in your life and if u can do that as a photographer I feel like you have done your job.

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