Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Julius Ayo Artist Post 10

Janice Chung

1. The photos above are chosen from Janice Chung's project "Please Come Back Home." The photos are made with film. For some of them, there is a bit of low exposure. I'm assuming most a taken handheld. Some have wide apertures to include the environment behind the subject. Since the subjects are still and not moving much in the photographs, the shutter could have been no more the 1/60 of a second. with some very low ISO since most photos were taken outside in the sunlight.

2. These photos focus on Chung's mother visiting her native land, Korea, after a long time. Janice Chung documents her mother's interactions with not just the people, the land as a whole. Some photos have these nostalgic feel to them. In some photos, you could see the subject staying still embracing her surroundings. They seem very peaceful and content. In a way, it is as if the subject is trying to bring back the memories that were instilled in these certain places. She smells , she closes her eyes at the sky, she looks outside from a window. They are simple gestures, but to the subjects they hold much more significance.

3. I can relate to this a lot. I also wasn't born here in the US. Returning back to where you came from brings a lot of emotions. You get embraced with your childhood and you want to take it all in. I feel like I know what the subject is trying to do in the photos. In a way She is trying to relive those memories that were attached to these people, objects, and places.

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