Monday, October 31, 2016

Nikkia Logan Artist Post #12

Billy Howard

He uses young individuals in their regular environments. Each picture has a living subject which speaks a narrative in a subtle way. The images in this story appear to be underexposed. Billy Howard's work consists of a large amount of portraits. Even in an compositionally bland portrait, Billy Howard knows how to create life and excitement through the human eyes.

These images were a part of an article discussing love and loss in the 80's, in a time where it was particularly easy to contract AIDS. This work portrays feminism and confidence with the way the dancer is confidently standing and looking at the viewer. He chose certain places like strip clubs and drag queen dressing rooms to create his subject matter, in which today those places are categorized maybe with not so good adjectives.

I appreciate the perspective he creates for the viewer with his photography. He created a perspective or walk of life that could pertain to anyone. Of course since I am a woman, I take pride in such images that encourage feminism and the confidence of enjoying your sexuality rather than hiding it.
His portrayal of the life in these certain places create a sense of mystery and story telling.

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