Sunday, October 16, 2016

Grant Layne - Artist Post 9

In Leong’s project Horizons, she traveled the world making pictures of different landscapes. All of her pictures are taken horizontally and the main focus in the picture is the horizon line. The landscapes depicted in this project as an accumulation of organic and inorganic processes, which are linked to conceptions of human presence in the natural world. 
The photographs in Horizons challenge the typical one-point perspective that we are generally used to seeing.  This brings more attention to other aspects of the picture.  Some of these aspects include composition, as well as variety. 
Leong’s approach to making Horizons is very interesting. He took one of the most clichĂ© subjects to take pictures of and still found a way to make it interesting.  I like how she played with the different perspectives in the composition to draw your eyes across the landscape.  All of her pictures make you want to continuously look at them and find everything in it.

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