Monday, October 24, 2016

Virginia Goode-Artist Post 11

Fabricio Brambatti

My Sweet Paradise is about the different perspectives of paradise. Paradise isn't exactly thought of as the life of a prostitute or a drug addict. But maybe that life-style is their paradise.  These image are taken in the streets of the city of São Paulo, a cousin to the city of New York or Tokyo in terms of population, architecture, and culture.

Brambatti reveals the world through a different lens. A literal lens (camera lens) that shows us what we perceive street life to be and a figurative lens of a harsh reality that maybe isn't as harsh as we thought. 

"All people are in the pursuit of happiness. We could all be more understanding and compassionate toward those who have more difficulty in finding their version of it." -Brambatti

I think that there are moments where were lost or unsure about how to achieve an ultimate utopia, or were too focused on reality (bills, sustaining life, etc.) to accomplish this type of bliss. Maybe what Brambatti is trying to show us is that it's not that complicated.

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