Monday, October 10, 2016

Feven Asghedom - Artist Post #10

Mike Moats 

Mike Moats is known for his specialization in macro photography. He began photography as a hobby in 2001 and by 2008 was published in several magazines and he had made it a career. He uses Tamron 18-270 lens to focus on small areas 7/8th of an inch and smaller.

The photographs i choose all show amazing light and color. He looks at nature through a different view noticing all the tiny details and textures everything surrounding us has to offer. Every image shows movement. The pink flower at the top almost appears to be dancing ... I've never seen flower petals wilt so beautifully. 

I love his work and approach. I love flowers and plants. I know its cliche to photograph but i always find such vibrancy and beauty when i zoom in or take from a different angle than you would usually take. Some of is work on his site is unreal they looks like paintings. I couldn't find any information on if he edits his images heavily or not. 

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