Monday, October 24, 2016

Daniel Brehun - Artist Post 11

Patrick Joust

   Patrick Joust has a keen eye for depth perception and field of focus, You can see that he has a focal point in his photos giving the viewer something to draw their attention too. I colors that Joust uses within the photos, especially within the first one. Even though everything seems very blue it flows well altogether with the lights and other small things within the photo.

   The second has an obvious depth of field and a vanishing point within the picture. The random patch of color in the right side definitively balances out the photo with the streaming blue light on the left and the dark colors within the background. For me it gives my eyes a place to move around the page rather than just focusing in one corner. The third, having the focal point being in the center was a great idea for this piece. The light flashing off the left and right sides balances the photo by not just giving us one bright light. by having that object in the middle separating the light, it gives us enough light to see the middle ground just right.

   The last image coves  a lot of light and darkness with some shadows and tints. He has a keen for showing in depth vanishing points as seeing the road is the center of it. By taking the picture from this angle it actually makes the foreground appear a lot farther than it actually is giving somewhat of an illusion. I feel Jousts objective of his photos is to have a clear focal point and vanishing point in his images.

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