Sunday, October 30, 2016

Olga Morozova, Artis Post # 12

 Yannis Behrakis

   1)      Yannis Behrakis is a photojournalist for Reuters based in Athene, Greece. He has been photographing refuges and migrants for over 25 years trying to bring awareness to the big problem that the world is facing. Behrakis is a Pulitzer Prize winner for Braking News Photography in 2015 and European News Photographer of the Year 3 times. For his work he uses Canon 1D Mark IV and 5D Mark III.

   2)      Behrakis states that taking pictures is the least challenging part, even though he has to wait long hours for coming boats of refugees, often during the night. The biggest struggle according to the photojournalist is the emotional involvement: “…it was so sad to see the same thing again and again”. For Behrakis the emotional impact of covering the refugee crisis is devastating.

   3)      Those many photographs that I saw were so incredibly powerful. They show people’ suffering, straggle for the better future and at the same time hope and inner strength. I think, this kind of photography can have a deep impact on people and actually change how they perceive the refugees. It can send a message that we are all the same and there have to be no place for the discrimination based on nationality, religious or any other factors. Yannis Behrakis does his job so the voice of these people could be heard through his photographs and his stories. 

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