Sunday, October 16, 2016

Kerry Goodman Post#10

Gilles Mora

1. Gilles Mora is a photographer, editor, and long time artist. For more than 20 years he has taken photographs. All the pieces exampled here are from his most recent art book called Antebellum. Mora is known to take photographs of centralized and interesting areas of the world that lend a new perspective into the world through photography.

2. Mora's objective with Antebellum is to expose the slow growth of the South. All the pictures exampled are taken in black and white and during the 1980-1990s. What makes it strange is that most of the subjects in the photographs dress like they're still in the 1960s. Mora takes images in such a manner that really makes you question what time period he took these images in. Giving the south seem like it takes a long time for it to progress. Not just in fashion, but also in culture.

3. Mora's photographs are a great play into tricking the mind, but also giving us a glimpse into a period in time. The use of black and white was a good use composition choice. Color would of been a waste. Mora's Antebellum is very charming and a interesting art book to read and observe.

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