Monday, October 31, 2016

Daniel Brehun - Artist Post 12

Alexi Hobbs


   Alexi Hobbs has a keen sense for color within his photography. A photographer that is very open to traveling any distance just to obtain the right photo. You can also very well see the balance as well, the photos seem to have a feeling of completeness. You can see here in the photos the variations of lights and dark's captured in specific areas. 

   You can see that Hobbs waits for whenever the time of day is right to have the photo at its finest. I feel that Hobbs focuses on giving his viewers a sense of emotion and attachment towards his photos. Although she focuses on color you can very well see that with her depth of field. Having a greater depth of field really allows you to see all the variations of color defined within the photos. 

   I personally feel drawn greatly to Hobbs's landscape photos. Just the balance within the photos themselves are magnificent. You can see all sorts of variations of colors that bring your eye to each part of the picture. 

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