Sunday, October 30, 2016

Jennifer Livingston - Post 11

Beinot Paillé

1) In the series Château D'eau, Beinot Paillé focused on taking images of dark skinned people after dark. He worked with the people sometimes up to five minutes putting them in the right spot. During this project he specifically focused on the lighting and the placement of people. The people he took photos of during this project were strangers to him.

2) In each of the three images Paillé specifically worked with the neon lights from the shops at night to place the people. The color in their clothing can be seen in places throughout the images, making each of them visually balanced. All three of them are full of color as well. It seems that he intentionally chooses to crop of the top of their hats to get a closer view of their faces.

3) The images that he has taken in his series Château D'eau, he intentionally goes out after dark and takes photos of complete strangers. I really admire his courage to do so, and even the fact that he'll go in a move their heads a little bit to get them in a better spot. 

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