Sunday, October 30, 2016

Kimberly Richardson Post 12

Jason Weingart

1.       Weingart uses a 4X5 camera that is portable allowing him to move quickly. He has specific gear in helping him capture his images while keeping the camera dry. He edits his photos in Adobe Photoshop for better quality and picture.

2.       Weingart’s intent is to capture the beauty of the sky of a storm and before the storm.  Capturing wonders of the world far and wide. Carefully watching weather patterns and selecting areas across the united States to capture his images. Taking photos as the storm approaches mainly, but also while in the storm. He captures images quickly to prevent damage to the camera and himself in certain situations. Photo editing them in Photoshop to revel the true quality of the images’ nature.

3.       Weingart does wonderfully I capturing images that perhaps not many people would risk doing. His approach and technique is respected for his patience and planning. One can truly see the love and passion he has for photography.

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