Sunday, October 23, 2016

Sarah Ipson - Artist Post 11

1.  Hengki Koentjoro is a photographer from Indonesia who primarily works with black and white minimalist photography. Hengki went to school in California and specialized in land and underwater photography. In this series of photographs Hengki takes a series of photographs that appear every day in nature in both mountainous and underwater settings that in the every day world of color would still be in awe, but found a way to make the simplistic even more broken down, simple, and relaxing. There is a soothing feeling when looking at these.   

2. Koentjoro's attempt is to draw attention to the most simplistic things in life and add beauty to them. Along with balancing the 9 shade grey scale of black and white photography, Koentjoro works with mainly natural settings and balance. Hengki enjoys the simple things in life and sharing the beauty and complexities of daily life that the everyday eye would simply overlook. Hengki also seeks inspiration from Haiku, which is one of the most simplistic forms of poetry, yet it contains the most complexity and depth and drives you to think. 

3. The feeling I get when I look at these photos is a feeling a serenity. I feel calm and at ease viewing these photos, not just because of the grey scale and the colors and natural settings being soothing, but also because of the simplistic nature of the photographs. There is something about minimalism and balance that gives off, the subtle beauty in what they normal eye just passes over and takes for granted, but when zoomed in on and with a change of color scale, a feeling of awe is created. 

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