Monday, October 31, 2016

Meaghan Mozingo - Artist post # 10

Raimond Wouda

1) Between 2008 - 2013 photographer Raimond Wouda, explored film sets in the Netherlands and Belgium. Using a large format Camera he would capture landscapes.

2) Wouda, allowed his audience to step outside the boundaries of the creative reality produced by the film sets. Wouda included the film sets within the landscapes. The Dutch film industry, although they have limited resources, are able to create professional products. Wouda is successful at capturing these fictional islands.

3) The top photo is one of my favorites. The wall of junk creates a nice backdrop. The wall every so slightly droops to the center. the colored items of the wall red, yellow, green, and blue match the colors on the wagon. The wagon is placed perfectly. Although it is centered in the frame, the wagon is at a slight angle so the audience gets a glimpse of the side and its beautiful lines of color. There is a nice shadow on the ground that brings your eye down and caries it around. The color of the sky, besides being intriguing to look at without over powering, matches the light inside the wagon. Visually timing both together. There a a few shadows on the left side of the picture where there is no detail in the shadow and perhaps the item near the wagon is a bit over exposed. But besides that I think it is a well composed picture.
    The second photo caught my attention because my eyes were immediately drawn into the photo. The soft green and the symmetrical lines and repeated patterns, the curtain, the ceiling, and the stage Flat carries my eyes back to the curtain at the very back. the atmosphere appears to be cluttered and dusty. the lights spills nicely in the back and the pops of color, red, blue, dark green, and browns, add a nice touch to the photo. There may be two objects that are slightly over exposed. I really appreciate how the compositions resembles a tunnel, with the sides tapering in ever so slightly to the back, and it keeps your eyes continuously traveling around the room.

    The third photo offers a nice contrast between the massive trees and the average size people on the platform. The girls red coat and blue/red hat and the boy's red scarf add a nice touch of color. The boy also has red hair which works toward Wouda's advantage. The red hair has enough contrast against the brown roots of the tree which is in the direct background. If the boy would have had darker hair then it would have blended in with the background. I think Wouda framed this shot well. It gives it a sense of expansion. the car and statue in the background helps to break up the background and gives your eye a quick stopping point. The lake adds a good image and texture along with a nice shape which help to cary the eyes through the photo.

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