Monday, October 31, 2016

Julius Ayo Artist Post 12

Billy Howard

1. The photos above are featured in Billy Howard's Love, Lust, and Lost: A photographic Memoir of the 80's. All of the photos were taken in black and white. With the prevalence of digital photography, this was most likely taken with film. It doesn't appear as though he Howard used a tripod. They all this handheld, impulsive nature to them. For some photos, there may have been usage of flashes for the much darker settings (e.g. strip clubs, drag show backstage). None of the subjects appear to be in much motion so he probably used some slow shutter speeds. There are photos which feature deep depth of fields to show the setting behind the subjects.

2. The photos are very black and white. Though the subjects and the settings are all in these mature and provocative settings, they all seem to be very open to Howard's photography. It has this voyeuristic feel to them as if the viewers of these photographs are given a glimpse to these different kinds of lives in the 80's. In general, photographs are a way for people to capture a memory, but these seem kind of special in their own way. They capture a whole decade full great characters, fashion, stories that are only unique to that time.

3. I would love to have the same amount of courage that Billy Howard had when he made these photos. To approach these people and gain their trust says a lot about how great Howard is with building relationships with his subjects. These people were seen as outsiders and not really accepted by the larger population and their environments and identities had, and still have stigmas. For them to trust Howard to take their photos is something I admire in them and also in Howard as a ph0tographer.

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