Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Kerry Goodman Post #9

Martin Bollati

1. Martin Bollati is a very strange photographer. His style relies heavily on the usage of bright and warm colors. Mostly red, orange and yellow hues. He takes a lot of pride in finding ways to make nature into sci-fi style photographs. His construction of alien like subjects is very eye catching.

2. His subjects consist of mostly the faces of human beings, animals, and nature. His warping of the subjects faces give the subjects a sense of discomfort. Although it may feel uneasy to look at its very intriguing how he deals with lighting and color balance. None of the bright colors overtake each other. The yellow background with the red subject gives off a feel of intensity that is very enjoyable to look at.

3. I personally loves these images. The overall creeping intensity of the images is very appealing. I would personally love to see how he accomplishes such a style. Looking at these images inspire me to look at nature differently. Look at nature and life through a lens tat would make the world around us seem alien.

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