Sunday, October 30, 2016

Jessica Manno - Artist Post 12

1. Marc Yankus is a photographer and artist who uses digital mediums to create mixed media. In his most recent photo series, The Secret Lives of Buildings he takes pictures of interesting and complex architecture around New York City. Yankus' photos contain no people or disturbances that may cause chaos to what he would like to be the star of his photos - in this case, the buildings. He takes the pictures in vertical and horizontal frames, depending on the composition of the building itself. Many of his architectural buildings have a pleasing symmetry and are either taken straight-on or from below.

2. Yankus wants to be able to preserve the beauty and structural integrity of the architecture that catches his eye around the city. Having absolutely no other person or distracting objects that may come into the scene and ruin the photo was his central focus. A recurring element in this photo series is how Yankus seems to take pictures of older buildings. Rarely are there any modern and sleek structures seen in this photo series. Yankus wanted to capture the essence of the New York City he grew up in, and successfully succeeded in doing so.

3. The pleasing symmetry of how Yankus took the buildings, along with the angles and the kind of light he took them in made me interested to know more about where these buildings came from and who the photographer was. When researching more about Yankus, I learned he was from New York City and thoroughly enjoyed wandering around the streets of Manhattan admiring the buildings. I think Yankus' choices of how he took these photos, with no people present, the framing, and thematic intent inspired me to look more into architectural photography. How Yankus presented these buildings made them look more stunning than I would have ever noticed; especially if I were there in that scene.

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