Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Calah Jones Artist Post 8

1. Carsten Peter uses a Nikon D4 with 16MP 35mm full-frame occasionally with a mounted 24-70mm.  It works well with the extreme temperatures and the environments he tries to capture in his images.  The Nikon D4 is good for travel and capturing bright and colorful images.

2. In Peter's pictures, bright colors are the focal point of his work.  He has nice use of contrast in terms of extremely dark and extremely light areas.  He tries hard to devise innovative photographic techniques to capture scary environments at a human/close up perspective.  His adventures result in taking magnifying images inside of active volcanoes, lava lakes, tornadoes, and in some of the most intriguing spots on the planet.

3. I am amazed by Peter's work.  The colors in each work are very vigorous and compelling.  His usage of contrast with the dark and bright colors are what gravitate me to his work. Another thing that draws my attention to these images are how each one tell a story or show that there was definitely some work put in just to get to the point where you could physically take a picture like that.  His work makes me feel like I am behind the lens taking the picture myself or like I am right there in that moment seeing what he sees.  These images are almost dreamlike.

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